Hydrogen: novel Green Chemistry for energy generation

Hydrogen on electric vehicles Environmental stress to Earth has stimulated a quest for innovative energy systems. They must be able to lead to a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale. To meet this challenge, Chemistry, as a standard way of energy generation, offers new revolutionary approaches. For instance, Hydrogen is an Read more about Hydrogen: novel Green Chemistry for energy generation[…]

Machine Learning in drug development

The process of discovering new drugs is not an easy task. The development of the targeted substance takes high amounts of money and time and what is worse, the success is not guaranteed. Here you have some data to give you an idea: The overall process to bring a new drug to market is estimated Read more about Machine Learning in drug development[…]

4D printing: An overview into a disruptive technology

Material science is constantly developing new functional components and conformation strategies. In the last decades, additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) has emerged and allowed the fabrication of complex geometries. This technique is based on overlapping layers of a certain material from a CAD model. It cannot be denied that 3D printing has created Read more about 4D printing: An overview into a disruptive technology[…]